Fourwheelsrolling Commercial

We are sorry for slacking with videos throughout the past few months, we have been busy filming for our semi full length video which will be out at the end of summer.

The other day Roberto and I went exploring around town and we stumbled across this new gnarly spot. It’s a 4 foot ledge into a bank which looks perfect but can be sketchy at times. The next day we went back with Kurt to film this for this video. After getting some tricks for this video as well as our video parts we went back again with Sean so he can be apart of this. We got a little artsy and came up with this edit advertising the Fourwheelsrolling shirts that are for sale.

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Fourwheelsrolling 2011 Montage

Happy New Year! This is the last edit of 2011, it contains footy from previous clips of the week as well as some throwaway footy. We all had a fun time skating this year which is what it’s all about. We are still working on our full length skate video so look out for that in the next few months. Enjoy.

Featuring: Edwin Castano, James Castrillon, Dillon Collins, Niko Clayton, Jonathan Ferrufino, Kurt Hallman, Dom Martinez, Tom Medina, Roberto Munoz, and Sammy Ruggiero.

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How to make a skateboard

This is a stop motion on how I make Fourwheelsrolling decks. These boards are made with 7 plys of 100% maple wood. I can also make crusiers/ filmer boards or any other shape you can think of. If anyone is interested in a board or has a custom design they want let me know. All boards come with Jessup grip.

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