*Last Update: 5/25/20

None of these spots are authorized places to skate. FWR is not responsible for your actions or what happens to you at any of these places. You are trespassing on someone else’s property so if you’re confronted follow the rules and leave to avoid further conflict. Skate at your own risk.

Things to consider:
1. Spot names may be different than what you know them as
2. Some places may not count as a “spot” to you but remember, kids just starting to skate might want to hit up that 5 stair or little ledge
3. Double check pin locations before heading out

To help contribute to the map, send us a DM on Instagram, @fourwheelsrolling or an email to

Icon Legend:
– Town
– Spot
– New Spot
– Famous Spot
– No longer a spot

Changelogs and previous versions:

1. Photos and descriptions added for all spots currently on the map
2. 25+ spots added to map – complete with photos and descriptions
3. More precise pin locations
4. Directions available directly within the map page without opening a separate tab
5. Fixes with linking errors

1. 40+ spots added
2. Added pins for skateparks

1. Initial release with 50+ spots added
2. Photos and descriptions added to some spots