10 Years!

Today marks ten years of Four Wheels Rolling and we are officially announcing the end of the company. We won’t be making products, filming, etc. anymore. However, the website will remain live as an archive.⁣

* The Long Island skate spot map will continue to be maintained and updated!⁣

Just because the camera is packed away, that doesn’t mean we’re 100% out of the game. I will be posting raw footage/ behind the scenes clips from over the years. Maybe an iPhone edit with new clips will pop up here and there.⁣ Any new content will be posted to our Instagram.

FWR went through a lot of changes over the years and for now, I’m just going to enjoy skateboarding again.⁣

A big thank you to everyone who supported and kept us rolling for ten years.

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Playlist with all 170+ videos.
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