Grinders (2014) “TRAILER”

“‘Grinders’ is a fake trailer that explores the world’s perception of skateboarders. For many people in the “real world”, a skateboard is nothing but a useless wooden toy, something that gets thrown away when you grow up. This film is for the misunderstood people who never threw it away.”

Winner of the top prize (Best Overall) for Converse and Kingshit Magazine’s “Connect the Dots” 2014 competition.

Connect the Dots is an international skate-film/photography competition which takes place during the month of July. Teams of up to 10 skaters/filmers have 30 days to film a 5 minute creative film, as well as submit 10 photos to Kingshit Magazine. In 2014 the competition was opened up to the United States and prize money was doubled from $5,000 to $10,000. For the Third year in a row Nick Genova and his team took the top prize.

Written and Directed by Nick Genova. Check his Instagram here

Nick Genova
Chris Wardle
Contributing Writer
Aidan Johnston
Jesse Landen
Aidan Johnston
Paul Liliani
Corey Lof
Nick Latimer
Zach Roy
Matas Nakrosius
Brice MacInnis
Erik Tarlowski
Nick Genova
Wojtek Zawada
Tom Morrison
Nicole Tetrault
Aaron Wynia
Post-Sound Mixing
Patrick Simms

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