An additional 82 new spots along with some updates have been posted to the Long Island Skate Spot Map. The map now has 275+ pins.

To view the list of new/ updated spots in this update visit the link in our bio and scroll to the bottom of the page or go to

We also want to thank everyone who has been contributing spots via email or Instagram DM. This update wouldn’t have been possible without your help! As always, feel free to send us any additional spot tips to be included in the next update.

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08.06.21 | Pulled up to Flushing for a quick sesh with @_dommartinez_ 
Good to know the vx is still kicking despite being packed away for 2+ years ⁣⁣
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Some footy with the homies ranging from 2010-2015.

In order of appearance:

Oct. 2010:
Billy Ziegler - fs flip
@sammy_ruggiero - hardflip

Sep. 2011
@sammy_ruggiero - kickflip & impossible
@kurthallman_ - switch kickflip & bigflip
@dillon_collins - fs bigspin

Jul. 2011
@robertoemunoz - varial kickflip
@jonathanferrufino - obnoxious screams

Feb. 2012
@kurthallman_ - tre flip & bs flip
@robertoemunoz - heelflip
@sammy_ruggiero - board brake

Aug. 2012
@thisguydom - switch fs shov, switch fs bigspin, tre flip & switch heelflip
@seanpatwell - crispy chicken sandwich 

Jan. 2013
@anthony___ruggiero - kickflip

Jul. 2014
@anthony___ruggiero - switch kickflip
@nickmcdonough11 - bigflip

Jul. 2015
@_codin - kickflip
@nickmcdonough11 - double bigflip

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BP with @catmartledgee & @jamesreres back in June 2014. The first and last clips are probably the best tricks done on this ledge. ⠀
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2 clips with @anthony____ruggiero while filming for the FWR II video back in Aug’17. He landed these both the same day within 10 minutes each. Then he went on a hiatus for about 1.5 years before skating again...

Both these spots are off Newbridge Rd. in Hicksville. Check the spot map in our bio for the exact pins if you’re tryna skate them.

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Two seshes out east with @nickmcdonough11. Some used, some unused footy from August 2017.
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New Hyde Park gap has been a go to spot for us while filming for the FWR I & II videos over the years. Here’s some footy between 2011 & 2016.⠀
In date order:⠀
Oct. 2011:⠀
@kurthallman_ - Fakie Bigflip⠀
@sammy_ruggiero - Nollie Flip⠀
@dillon_collins - Tre Flip⠀
@sammy_ruggiero - Nollie Tre⠀
Jan. 2013:⠀
@sammy_ruggiero -Switch FS Flip⠀
July 2014:⠀
@anthony____ruggiero - Nollie Heelflip⠀
Aug. 2014:⠀
@kurthallman_ - BS Flip⠀
@anthony____ruggiero - Switch Heelflip⠀
@tomdurante _ - Switch Kickflip⠀
Nov. 2014:⠀
@tomdurante _ - Hardflip⠀
Dec. 2015:⠀
@nickmcdonough11 - Pressure Flip⠀
Aug. 2016:⠀
@nickmcdonough11 - Nollie Bigspin⠀
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Sunday stroll⠀
@christiandubon @anthony____ruggiero @sammy_ruggiero⠀
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It be like that sometimes...⠀
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@yungjello is a footy machine. 7 clips within an hour back in Aug’16. Good times!⠀
I will try to post more raw footage from the archives soon.⠀
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