Farmingdale State College

Description: A bunch of spots are at FSC…
At Knapp Hall there are two 8 sets. Both have brick runup and normal cement landing. In the same plaza, there are two ledges and a few C ledges (not shown in photos). The ledges aren’t waxed due to either being worn off over time/ scraped off.
At Conklin Hall, there are two 9 sets. Both have tile runup with space between the tiles before you pop.
At the Department of Chemistry, side closet to Knapp Hall is a ledge to rail. Runup is as narrow, a little wider than the width of a board. You also have one push to get speed/ set up.
Near the Child Care building, there is a parking lot parallel to Route 110. There is a 8 big flat 8 from the parking lot to the bus stop. It is possible to skate the first set if you have quick enough reflexes to dodge/ hit the next set.

Bust: Campus security may kick you out. Best to go on weekends.

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