Nassau 10 and more

Description: Located at Nassau Community College. The famous ten set along with a bunch of other spots such as a 3 block, a 14 and other random sets. There are pins for each spot on campus below.

There are many ways to enter the college but I found parking at the one of the lots such as East 5A works out well. It’s right near the 10 set. You can always park somewhere on Stewart Ave. and try to walk through campus undetected. It’s about luck and timing most of the time.

The 10 set is located at the main gym. The 3 block is inbetween the main gym and the WHPC-FM Garden City building. The two rails shown in photos 8 & 9 are near the 3 block towards the main gym before you enter the underpass. Some 8 sets are also in this area too. On the Executive Dr side of the WHPC-FM Garden City building, there is another 8 set rail. There are a bunch of other spots throughout campus that we will try and add soon.

Bust: Really quick unless you go at night but that still doesn’t guarantee anything. There are times you will get a lucky 30 minute sesh.

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