TORRO! Introduces Leo Heinert

Haven’t seen a gnarly NYC part in a while but Leo Heinert kills it in this edit.


“Today marks TORRO! SKATEBOARDS two year anniversary and we are proud to release this introductory video part for our first rider LEO HEINERT.

Leo, is a native NEW YORK CITY skateboarder who truly embodies the NYC skateboarding lifestyle and culture. He was born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island, has grown up skating the streets of Manhattan and rides for our Queens based brand.

This is Leo’s first video part for a skateboard company and we are all really proud of his hard work, dedication and accomplishment.

Leo Heinert’s raw, diverse ability speaks for itself. All we can really say is, the kid is nasty.”

Produced and Directed by:
Rodney Torres

Filmed by:
Steve Marino, Dennis Williford, James Buchmann and Chris Nadziejko

Edited by:
Steve Marino

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