Updates going forward

1. We are in the process up updating our spot map to version 2.0. This update will include:
– Photos and descriptions for all spots currently on the map
– More spots added to the map, complete with photos and descriptions
– More precise pin locations
– Directions available directly within the map without opening a separate tab
– Fixes with linking errors

2. We plan to focus on sharing more content related to Long Island and NYC skateboarding.

3. We may have our third and final full length in the works too which will be released next year for our 10 year anniversary.

[Last Edit: 6/22/19]
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This is a must watch. It’s definitely video of the year.

A video by Gustav Tønnesen. Featuring: Oscar Candon, Koffe Hallgren, Daniel Spängs, Erik Pettersson, Barney Page, Gustav Tønnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Vincent Huhta, Martin Sandberg, Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson & Simon Isaksson

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